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Damian Maher - This One Thing | Review

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This One Thing: A Novel - Damian Maher

To start I would love to introduce you to the amazing reading experience I just had. When I started receiving books for review I always thought it would be just that, reading and writing a review. But with this book I experienced so much, so much more.

When I received this book in the mail I didn't even take the time to look at it since have so many other books that waited for a review and some many books I needed to read for school. But then, one evening I was feeling especially down and in search of something to cheer me up I felt the pull towards the title "This One Thing" on my shelf. I picked it up and was amazed by the beautiful cover. When I opened the book a piece of paper fell out. I was confused, but simply thought the author was just one of those vain writers that wanted everyone to have their autographs, but as I picked up the piece of paper I realized it was a letter. I found out that the author lived near my home and through that short, but meaningful letter I learnt a lot.

This One Thing is a semi-autobiographic story of a child whose parent get divorce and it follows his struggles with a unloving family. But more importantly we learn how he managed to accept his sexual orientation in his difficult situation and how he grew as a person.

I myself loved the novel. It was very insightful and very mature. It showed the world and the things in it as they are, not as they would perhaps in a alternate and better universe be. I enjoyed learning about the main character Daniel and I was very eager to turn the page and learn more about his life.

But, the one thing I must point out is the fact that I really did not enjoyed the sex scenes. I understand why the author, Damian Maher chose to put them in, but still most of the time I felt as if they were forsed on the plot and simply weren't neccessary.

One thing is quite clear, Damian Maher really is a "maher"(a croatian word for an expert in some skill) in his writing.

Source: http://buriedinbookssite.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/damian-maher-this-one-thing-review

My big Rome book haul!

The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes - Ruth Rendell,  Arthur Conan Doyle Panic - Lauren Oliver The Thief Lord - Cornelia Funke The Prince - Niccolò Machiavelli Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth - Reza Aslan Lonely Planet Rome (Travel Guide) - Lonely Planet, Duncan Garwood, Abigail Blasi
Hello again,
From 19th to 22nd of June in was in Rome!
The eternal city is beautiful, amazing. It just felt so right and I felt like home there.
And as you might have realized till now, I bought some books in Rome! Eight books to be specific.
I bought:
  • The complete Sherlock Holmes collection by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Panic by Lauren Oliver 
  • The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
  • The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
  • Rome Guide by Lonely Planet
  • Zealot by Reza Aslan
  • Rome Guide
  • The Popes - Twenty Centuries of History

I am really looking forward to reading them! So I better throw myself on doing so, and maybe a review will be up soon.

School is finally over!

Dorian - Will Self Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - John E. Woods Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

 SInce school is finally over, I am ready to hit my book shelves!
This weekend I read 8 books. Yeah, I know, crazy! 
But I am so happy and proud.




If you are wandering what I read:

Dorian, by Will Self

Lover Enshrined #6.1, by J.R, Ward

Lover Enshrined #6.2, by J.R. Ward

Hallowed, by Cynthia Hand                              

Perfume, by Patrick Süskind

Pandemonium, by Lauren Oliver

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis



Would you like for me to write a review? :D